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S1 Step 1 Variations

The Secure Supplies Step 1 Design can have several input configurations

This could be Energy Storage Power to Gas or Gas refinements to vale add gases . 

We mention some here . 

  • PEM Electrolyzer Power to H2

  • Alkaline Electrolyzer Power to H2

  • Bio Gas Natural Gas to H2

  • Methanol to H2

  • Methane to H2

  • Voltrolysis Power to H2 

  • Bio Char to H2

  • Other Gases can be done in S1  O2 N2 H2 CO2 NH3 and H2+N2 Mix

Various S1 Step Secure Supplies.jpg

Power Sources

  • Grid Power

  • Nuclear Power

  • Geothermal Power 

  • Hydroelectric Power

  • Solar Power 

  • Solid State Power 

  • Diesel Fueled Power 

  • Natural Gas Power 

  • Bio Gas Fueled Power 

  • Ambient Thermal Power 

  • CHP Power 

  • Thermoelectric (Peltier) Module Chip Power 

  • Chemical Reaction Power 

  • Electron Extraction Power 

Hydrogen Fuel Energy Storage Plant 

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