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 Solar Hydrogen Kits Gas Power

Secure Supplies Has Solar to Voltrolysis Units for you Emergency Preparedness. 

These units will make and store electrical power and gas 

Residential Solar Hydrogen

Solar To Hydrogen Residential Off Grid

1KW / 2KW / 3KW

> Become completely energy independent
> Eliminates the problems of Power Gas grid blackouts
> Can be installed at any location in Minutes

Residential On Grid

3KW / 5KW / 10KW

> Generate clean energy & reduce your electric bill

> Generate Gas on Demand Oxygen and or Hydrogen
> Low maintenance and easy upkeep
> Hedge yourself against future utility increases

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New Stackable Bunker/ Basement Models

Battery Schmatic.jpg

Secure Supplies has Complete and released the new Rack Lithium Phosphate Batteries. 

Voltrolysis Hydrogen on Demand 


76.8V   163Ah LFP


475mm x 595mm x 244.8mm

In Stock

Price $3,856.00/ Pc

50% down payment by T/T

in advance after confirm PO,

50% balanace payment after SGS

by T/T before delivery.

Lithium Phosphate Bavttery Racks Secure Supplies 4.jpg

Business Solar Hydrogen

Solar Gas.jpg

Business, / Hotel / Building / Airport / Security Kit 

11,550 KW 

> Solar Crate 21 Panels 
> Sell power to the grid or store the excess for later use
> Protect yourself against utility outages


Solar Hydrogen Battery System

162 Kw Lithium Phospahte Battery Set 

> Provide Electricity Back up 
>  High Quality Reliable
> Can be connected to the grid or with backup generator

Lithium Phosphate Battery Rack Secure Supplies.png
Lithium Phosphate Bavttery Racks Secure Supplies 3.jpg
Lithium Phosphate Battery Rack Secure Supplies 1.png
Lithium Phosphate Bavttery Racks Secure Supplies 2.jpg
Stanley A Meyer Water Fuel Cell WFC
Stanley A Meyers Stan hho wfc cell   Copyright 2020.jpg
Stanley A Meyers INside.png
Solar HYdrogen Battery Voltrolysis Inside Secure Supplies.jpg
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