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SecureCare Engine & Site Operations & Maintenance Plans


The Secure Supply USA Operations and Preventative Maintenance Plan is an offering under the SecureCare family of services that Secure Supply USA offers.


This is the care and servicing by highly skilled and qualified personnel for the purpose of maintaining your equipment or facility by providing systematic and forensic inspection, detection and correction of emerging failures before they occur or before they develop into major defects. 

Our Projects and Developments are Pre packaged with 2 years Operations and Maintenance.

For your existing, new  or regional equipment that you may need serviced and watched over.

Secure Supply USA offers four options with preventative maintenance which can be tailored to your specific needs or requirements:

engine Operations and maintenance pdf.jpg
Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,
2020 Slide System Power Gen Component Costs 2.png
Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,

Within these plans, Secure Supply USA can offer the following services:

  • Remote monitoring

  • Condition analysis reporting

  • Thermal imaging and electrical inspections Bore scope imaging

  • Vibration analysis testing

  • Oil and coolant sampling to maximize engine and component life

Please call  +1  914 260 5678 and request a free quote and inspection from the SecureCare Team.

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