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Nitrogen Generator
for food packing

 Nitrogen Generator for food packing model no. SSFPM5-49  which if 5 Nm3/h nitrogen outflow with purity of 99.99% 


price is FOB $3885/ pc  USD.

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Operational  Principle

The clean and dry compressed air enters the PSA nitrogen production device, and the oxygen
molecules in the compressed air are absorbed by the different adsorption amounts of nitrogen and
oxygen under different pressures by using the carbon molecular sieve, so as to obtain nitrogen with
a purity greater than 99%.


The PSA equipment is mainly composed of A and B adsorption tower
and control system which are equipped with carbon molecular sieve. When compressed air
(generally 0.75mpa) passes through tower A from bottom to top, oxygen, carbon dioxide and water
are absorbed by the carbon molecular sieve, while nitrogen flows out from the tower top.


When the molecular sieve in tower A is saturated in adsorption, it will switch to tower B for the above
adsorption process and regenerate the molecular sieve in tower A at the same time.


The so-called regeneration, is the adsorption tower gas discharged to the atmosphere so that the pressure quickly reduced to atmospheric pressure, so that the molecular sieve adsorption oxygen, carbon dioxide
and water released from the process.


Therefore, the performance of a PSA nitrogen production
device is determined by the adsorption structure, carbon molecular sieve, electromagnetic
pneumatic valve and other key components.

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Packing Food at Home

Nitrogen Gas Generator High Efficiency Liquid Compact for Multiple GC

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2.2. Price for the nitrogen generator 

 @ FOB $2860/pc USD 

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