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Needs Assessment 

Needs assessment we require your team completes during the evaluation step. Is typically used by Secure Supplies to identify your needs and individual projects parameters. 

It aids in developing the correct system design, and right equipment plant size.

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The assessment is e.g. based on the amount of gas available, heat requirements, power needs,

gas quality of the operational pressure requirements of gas,  and/or a need for emergency back up power operations.

 Site Location and size & safety buffer measurement plays a important role in this process and  uncovers the specific needs, for example, what specific engine or boiler will be suitable and what daily gas production and Roi is achievable for your specific site. It also maps out the amount of space required, and the ventilation needs.

ATEX conditions / describing what equipment and work environment is allowed in an environment with an explosive atmosphere. and the necessary equipment for gas cleansing, gas fans, torches, emergency cooling etc.

Very standard in refinery fuel gas production and use areas.

The goal of this process is to help the customer achieve the most profitable operation.

Completing the needs assessment makes it possible to choose the most suitable components.

Component choices examples:

  • Electrolyzer

  • Burner type and size

  • Gas handling equipment

  • Gas packaging and storage equipment

  • Soundproofing

  • Gas fans

  • Emergency cooling type and method e.g. air or water based

  • Gas container

  • Valves

  • Alternator Specifications

  • Load Balancing Systems etc. 


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Daniel Donatelli                                                                                      

Secure Supplies Group -Founder

Studied at Mawson Technical College Australia

Began working in the Asean region on Nitrogen and Chemical Packaging Projects.

From there moved formed Secure Supplies Group to focus on Hydrogen Survey Design and Developments. Established Franchises in Several Countries around the world ,a Major in International Business.

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