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Nano Bubble Applications 

Nano Bubble Appications.jpg
Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

Flotation is a century-old water treatment process in which gas is introduced to a pressurized liquid, generating a buoyant force and resulting in flotation of suspended matter such as fats, oils, greases and suspended solids.

Lakes & Pond Remediation 

Maintaining adequate dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in water is a critical component to sustaining healthy ecosystems in lakes and ponds.

Wastewater Treatment

Aeration is used in water and wastewater treatment processes to deliver oxygen to microorganisms responsible for the biological oxidation of carbonaceous material and ammonia.


Plants require oxygen to grow. Maintaining adequate dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in water is the easiest way to increase a plant's health.


Over half of the fish and shellfish directly consumed by humans is produced through aquaculture, also known as fish farmin

Cleaning Processes

Spoilage and contamination of food wastes millions of dollars every year. Pathogens, viruses, and chemical residues can pose major health risks to consumers. 

Oil & Gas

Oil extraction and processing methods can vary greatly by region or application, and oil companies are constantly seeking ways to improve any process to maximize efficiency.


A number of Mining processes are highly dependent of the use of various gases.

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