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Gas Detecting Monitoring Testing Equipment
H2 Hydrogen Ammonia HOH hho Hydroxy from Secure Supplies 

Gas Detectors Monitor Safety H2 Hydrogen Ammonia hand held machine equipment.jpg
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 Our gas detectors, gas monitor system are widely used in  Gas industry, Environment protection industry, Mining safety industry, Waste Water Treatment Industry...etc.


We provide professional gas detectors and  manufacture with 16 years experience,

offering over 500 various kinds of detector/sensor/transmitter parts and products..


We are the leader supplier of power industry 

We have  good cooperations with so many global famous companies such as HONEYWELL/VAISALA.

one point I want to remind here is that we can  customize special products for you according to your requirements.

  • SSG6 gas products used to power transmission and distribution system

  • SSG6 gas leakage monitoring system

  • SSG6 gas analyzer

  • SSG6 gas recovery, refilling and evacuation device

  • SSG6 gas separating and purification unit

  • SSG6/N2/CF4 mixture gas solution

  • SSG4F7N,SSG5F10O New type insulating gas solution

  • SSG6 gas density meter

  • SSG6 gas filling and measuring couplings/fittings/valves


 We are Looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

 Your any suggestion for joint our cooperations will be much appreciated.


Portable Dew Point Meter 

Portable Dew Point Meter.jpg
Portable Dew Point Meter 1.jpg
Portable Dew Point Meter 2.jpg
Portable Dew Point Meter 3.jpg
Portable Dew Point Meter 4.jpg
Portable Dew Point Meter 5.jpg
Portable Dew Point Meter 6.jpg
Portable Dew Point Meter 7.jpg
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