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Power Plants Gensets USA 

Gas Turbine Power Plant LPG Hydrogen Fuel MW

Are Pleased to Announce our Mini Turbines are now on the market



Fuel Tank External liquid fuel tank options up to 3,000 litres

Fuel Types Diesel (EN509:2009), Kerosene (K1 Grade) or Diesel/Kerosene blend

Compatible Fuels: Natural Gas, Liquid Fuels (Kerosene, Aviation Fuels, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel #2), Biogas (Landfill, Digester), Associated Gas, Sour Gas, Propane Gas

We Can run on Gasoline Ammonia Liquid Bio Gas

and  Mixed Gas Blends of Pure Hydrogen.

Operating Environment Prime Power, Backup or Hybrid modes

(indoor, outdoor or rooftop configurations)


Dimensions2.1m(L)x0.9m(W)x1.1m(H) Excluding fuel tank and exhaust flue

Weight<700kg Excluding fuel tank and batteries

Rating: 50 kw and 75kw


Can be paralleled up to 50 MW and 75 MW of power

Combined Heat And Power Efficiency: Up to 90%

Electrical Efficiency LHV: 26.00%

Voltage: 400-480 VAC

Frequency: 50/60 Hz, Grid Connect
10-60 Hz, Stand Alone

Electrical Service: 3-Phase, 4-Wire

Security IP 54 

Siemens  Remote Monitoring

Ingress protection, Tamper proof doors. Remote monitoring and geo-locking options.

Single service door access


Noise<65dB @ 1m

Exhaust Emissions Best in Class EU Regulation 1628 Stage V 2016 SAFETY

Net Heat Rate LHV: 13.8 MJ/kWh (13,100 BTU/kWh)

Exhaust Temperature: 275ºC (530ºF)

Exhaust Gas Flow: 0.31 kg/s (0.68 lbm/s)


Certification Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, CE, ISO 60034 rotating electrical machines, ISO 61000 EMC


Operating Conditions-10˚C to +45˚C

Relative Humidity (%RH)0-99


Service IntervalUp to 8,000 hours**

Warranty2 years or 5,000 running hours

**8,000 hours service life subject to suitable air and fuel quality


  • 50 KW DTM 400 Unit 

  • 75 KW DTM 500 Unit 

Secure External 50 kw and 75 kw .png
O and M Secure Supplies Mini

Secure Supplies Gas Turbines New and Used from Man Kawasaki and Others . KW and MW Class

Current Stock includes 

​  50kw and 70 kw Mini and Micro Jets 


Mb + 1 520 848 1650 


Maker                  Model       Engine     Unit Vintage  Out put  Voltage              Hz      Fuel        Hour      Price (US$)  Secure Supplies DTM 400    JPJET     5    2019      50KW 110/2203 phase   50/60 Hz Gas   NEW    USD  23,850 

Secure Supplies DTM 500    JPJET     5    2019      75KW 110/2203 phase   50/60 Hz Gas   NEW     USD 25.300

10% Down Payment,

90% wire transfer prior to shipment                                            
RS: Ready to Ship    Call Message Daniel Whatsapp + 1 520 848 1659

Thermal efficiency and fuel consumption rate listed in specification. 

The operational cost estimate is per kw aprox $5 per kw annually for service refit can be 

 high aprox 10 per kw but not need for 10 years . Refit $20/kw ​


Please remember these model in particular are the most efficient  made and are current state of the art from Japan. 

O & M  is between  800  and 1400 per year for the turbines

Efficiency is 90%  a engine is 39% so it is more than made back 

in the power made and fuel cost saving for the power volume in mw class  as you would need 7 engine to do same loading job

Ignition traditional fuels

Gas Turbine Jet Ignition.png

Gas Power Heat

Btu Psi

Gas Turbine Hydrogen.png
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