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Medical Oxygen Gas   United States America

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Oxy 99 Medical Oxygen, Cylinder

Oxy 99 Medical oxygen features a lightweight, high volume oxygen cylinder with an integrated control

$46.51 cylinder



Medical Oxygen, Cylinder

Medical oxygen is widely used in every healthcare setting, with applications from anesthesia to inhalation therapy

From $22.87 cylinder


Secure Supplies Oxygen Gas Delivery Bott

Medical Air

Air, the earth's natural atmosphere, is a non-flammable, colourless and odourless mixture of gases in which nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%) predominate. 

From $50.56 cylinder


Secure Supplies Oxygen Gas Delivery Bott

Medical Oxygen

Compressed medical oxygen gas is widely used in healthcare settings and comes a wide range of cylinder sizes


Liquid Oxygen

A reliable supply of medical air is essential in a variety of application Liquid Oxygen provides a high volume de canting solution .


Aviation Oxygen

A reliable supply of Aviation oxygen is essential in aircraft, specifically supplying ground crew units ,Pilots And airlines.

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Medical Oxygen Rack

Compressed medical oxygen gas is widely used in healthcare settings and comes a wide range of cylinder sizes


Medical Oxygen  

MAN15 - 115,400 litres

Compressed medical oxygen gas is widely used in healthcare settings and comes a wide range of cylinder sizes

Part Number 470 MAN15



cylinder pack


incl. Vat  

Prices exclude delivery

Bedside /Table Top ON demand O2 
Both Air to O2 and Water to O2 Models Available

Bedside Oxygen table top


1.Product Parameter

Product Name Oxygen generator

Oxygen flow 10L/min

Input voltage 220v/50HZ

Rated power 680W

Oxygen outlet pressure 0.06-0.08Mpa

Oxygen purity 93%±3%

Dimensions 380*320*680mm

Package size 440*380*720mm

weight(KG) 31

Working environment temperature 10℃~40℃

Working relative humidity 30%~80%

Atmospheric pressure range 860hPa~1060hP


2.Working principle and operation method of oxygen generator Working principle:

With air as raw material, the adsorption performance of molecular sieve is adopted.


Through physical principle, nitrogen in air is separated from oxygen by large discharge oil-free compressor, and high concentration oxygen is obtained.


Method of operation:

(1) turn on the power supply, the power indicator lights up, the digital display meter displays the current voltage and current, turns on the oxygen making switch, the working indicator lights up, and the oxygen generator starts to work


(2) Adjust the "oxygen flow meter" knob so that the oxygen flow rate in the corresponding flow scale.


(3) When the machine is shut down, press the "oxygen-making switch ", the equipment stops working and the power is cut off。


3. Notes

3.1 Risk of electric shock. Do not disassemble the machine. Please have qualified maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance. Please read the following carefully before operating the product.


3.2 During transportation, to prevent damage, the oxygen generator shall be placed vertically and shall not be inverted.


3.3 If the power supply voltage is not stable, beyond the ~220 V±22 V range, please install a voltage regulator and then use!


3.4 Please select safe and qualified socket and wiring board with safety electrician certification!


3.5 Persons not authorized by the Company shall not remove the enclosure!


3.6 Select the most convenient room for an indoor oxygen generator, which can be easily moved from room to room by casters.


3.7 Oxygen generators shall not be placed in an air-blocking environment. Oxygen machine should be placed in indoor ventilation, and avoid direct sunlight, all sides from walls, furniture and other analogs more than 10 cm. Avoid piles of carpets, heaters, electric heaters or hot air ventilation.


3.8 The oxygen generator can not be placed in a narrow range.


3.9 Oxygen generators shall not be placed in environments where heat sources and sources of light and dark fire are near, wet, unobstructed, smoky and contaminated, and where temperatures are too high or too low.


3.10 Oxygen generators should avoid being placed in contaminants or fumes. No sundries and water and oil containers shall be placed on the top of the oxygen generator.


3.11 It is forbidden to place any debris at the bottom of the oxygen generator and to place the machine on a soft surface that causes tilt or sink (such as bed, sofa). Prevent inlet and outlet blockage from causing excessive temperature and resulting in shutdown or oxygen concentration decline.


3.12 Oxygen generator should be far away from flammable and explosive 4 occasions. Oxygen is a combustible gas. Do not smoke when using, and away from matches, burning cigarettes and other combustible sources. Textiles and other normally non-combustible materials are easily ignited and strongly burned in oxygen-rich air. Neg lec ence of this warning may result in serious fire , property loss , and personal injury or death .




4.1 Pre-maintenance or performance commissioning of the oxygen generator shall be performed only by authorized dealers or trained personnel of the manufacturer.


4.2 The manufacturer recommends that the oxygen generator run for no less than 30 minutes at a time. Do not open and close oxygen generator frequently, shut down 3-5 minutes before starting again, lest affect compressor life.


5.After - sales sales Since the date of purchase , the product has not been dismantled and repaired . Confirmation by the warranty personnel , it is a product quality problem .


Enjoy warranty service within one year and maintenance shall be provided under any normal conditions The following conditions are not under the warranty :


① vulnerable and consumables : ear wheat oxygen absorber , filter felt , humidifier , c asters , atomization assembly .


② users cause water , drugs and other liquids into the machine and are unable to work normally ;


③ Dam age or deformation of the whole machine (including some parts) due to the collision ; ④ complete water or rain ;


⑤ The fault caused by dismantling , repairing and transforming the product without authorization ; Failure caused by


⑥ accidentally falling during use and handling ;


⑦ fault caused by failure to follow the correct method ;


⑧ Un foreseen damage caused by natural disasters (such as fire , earthquake , floods , etc .) .

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