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What renewable farm owners can expect from Secure Supply Energy Storage.

Simply Put,  Secure Supplies Provides You the Wind Owner Operator a 

Green Fueled Back Up  & Peak Trough System.

You now have a Choice to Buy Diesel which are high polluters as your prime power back ups or have your prime power distributed power back up be Hydrogen Fueled Engines in which you make and store green hydrogen fuel,  and use on site as needed.  


Deleting the carbon emitting diesels creating a green pathway.

With our Systems you even have to choice to have green fuel delivered to fuel engines beyond stored fuel run times or export excess fuel you produce to unlock strand power and hydrogen pathways for communities. 

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The Development Process
Secure Supply manages all the development processes necessary to bring a project to construction.

Stage 1: Real Estate and Property Operation  Agreements

Secure Supply developers work with landowners to reach a lease agreement.

Once agreements are secured with the landowners, Secure Supply begins a series of development activities.

Stage 2: Storage Area Assessment
In order to fully evaluate the Energy production ROI  potential of your farm Secure Supply will review your operating data  on the site and compares and correlates that information to historical data. Energy Storage  assessment begins with a review of 1 year's data collection and then continues throughout the development process.


Stage 3: Transmission
Secure Supply's professionals begin assessing distribution pathways for each project in the earliest stages of site selection. Secure Supply  continues intensive distribution analysis throughout the development process to determine how much energy from your area can be delivered into the larger consuming systems, and how quickly.


Stage 4: Site Design, Permitting and Real Estate Review
When the quality of the renewable  resource has been established and a gas distribution pathway has been identified, Secure Supply's experienced professionals will begin designing the energy storage solution. It is at this stage we can tell you how many S1 S2 Kits  we will install on your land and where they will go. Several factors, including your power production stability  and consistency , topography, existing obstructions, and local zoning requirements will affect the final site plan.


Stage 5: Marketing the Gas
Depending upon the type of market and market conditions, Secure Supply  may enter into a long-term agreement to sell the energy , or Secure Supply  may sell the energy on the open market. 

Lease Structure
Secure Supply understands it cannot develop renewable projects without the cooperation and participation of farm owners like you. We put a premium on understanding your current land use and working with you to ensure that a  energy storage solution selected for farm is compatible with your existing operations.

Secure Supply traditionally works with Solar Wind farm owners to reach an agreement that provides a defined development term and, once the project is constructed, a long-term operations period. Typically, owners receive new income  during the development period and ongoing revenue from the sale of energy produced during the operations term.


This structure ensures that our interests are aligned. We are incentivized to build the project as quickly as possible, and to find the best market for the power.

Constructing Energy Storage
Building a Energy Storage Facility  generally takes 6 to 12 months. Construction consists of improving or installing roads capable of transporting parts, excavating and installing foundations, erecting tower sections, installing ground pad and Production compression and storage plant and equipment, trenching underground cable, and installing a limited amount of overhead transmission line. On all of its projects, Secure Supply  uses modern, utility scale equipment hat operate smoothly and quietly even in high peak times.

Secure Supplies  is ready to get Started on your Power Plant Project Are you ?

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