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Paid Strategic Partnership

Membership Levels and Benefits

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Secure Supplies is the only organization that focuses on the inter industry deployment of Energy Storage and Hydrogen Fueling. These Solutions include the new global parts and services industry for hydrogen.

From Production and  distribution of gases, to fuel cell and engines. Safety and Training.


We bring high technology ,

High ROI business models and  we bring people and their companies together to exchange information, We create business connections and share information about being successful in a nascent industry.


As a Organization member, you are part of the critical support for the organization that is on the leading edge of making the hydrogen economy a reality.


Our members develop, adapt, and implement technology and services that are taking the hydrogen economy into the mainstream.


All Organization members can attend Secure Supplies ’s meetings at a discounted rate, access the “Organization Members Only” website with materials and presentations, Have a voice in the direction of the in the industry, and much more.

Coordinate networking and act

Coordinate networking and activities with other 

Industry Partners by being an organizational member of the

New Hydrogen Industry.

Why Join?

Secure Supplies connects you to other leaders and new customers in the

Hydrogen  community.

Secure Supplies members include fuel cell and vehicle manufacturer, hydrogen production, delivery and storage companies, universities and national labs, distributors, and many other leaders in the hydrogen business community.
Secure Supplies membership is the easiest way to get connected to the many different segments of the hydrogen energy industry. Through Summits, workshops, VIP luncheons, special meetings or industry tours, the Secure Supplies brings industry representatives, decision makers, and stakeholders together
to exchange information, create business connections and work to advance the commercialization
of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technology.
Hydrogen Energy Storage and Fueling needs an strong advocate

Secure Supplies provides a powerful industry voice advocating for inclusion of Hydrogen Energy Security in energy policy discussions. And the role of hydrogen as a clean and reliable form of energy.

Your membership will ensure that your business—and your industry—have a strong voice in these discussions via our Sector Action Groups (SAGs). Members are kept up to date on our Efforts Events and techniques which may help them enjoy their Healthy Communities Hydrogen Projects and  allow you to establish relations with the Industry at Large.


Secure Supplies educates Businesses Builders, Industry vendors, policy makers, and the public.

The Secure Supplies works to educate policymakers, investors, customers, and other stakeholders in the facts related to Hydrogen Usage Development Safety and Deployment.


We are continuing to develop information resources that are advancing the level of knowledge and interest in hydrogen and fuel cells. As a member, you can use these educational resources to help build demand for your products and adapt to change.

Organizational Memberships

Coordinate networking and activities with other vendors  clean energy organizations by being an organizational member. For less than the cost of one ad, you can position your firm to become a leader in the fast-growing green energy sector market.


Paid Strategic Partnerships

are classified into 7 Seven categories:

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum,Platinum Executive,Full Partner and Country Exclusive Partner

Channel Partner Commission

Bronze                                    No    Commission paid as consider a Study/ Public member

Silver                                       5%   Commission Paid on Contracts brought to Secure Supplies Group

Gold                                       10%  Commission Paid on Contracts brought to Secure Supplies Group

Platinum                                 25%  Commission  Paid on Contracts brought to Secure Supplies Group

Platinum Executive                 35% Commission  Paid on Contracts brought to Secure Supplies Group

Full Partner                             45%  Commission  Paid on Contracts  $34000 Selective Franchise 

Country Exclusive  Partner     65%  Commission  Paid on Contracts  $68000 Full Franchise

A Substantial Country Sized order of Equipment will put in you Country partner level membership

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