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Planet News

Planet News 

Planet News here we share insights into what is happening to the Planet Earth and the risks to your well being and survival.


The Planet has several Major Issues 

1 We are entering a cyclic glacial time.

2 We are moving very further away from Sun during this cycle and orbit around sun

3 Our Magnetic north pole is moving it is one of several poles and can causes a magnetic movement of plates planet and other poles , once it moves off by  4o % it can cause  a rearrangement or flip. = BAD 

4 This is Due to Occur 2023 March on ward. 

5 This Weakens our Magnetic Shields. 

6 This will let in TOXIC Radiation levels  Cooking what is on surface in several areas. 

7 More ice will restrict access to running water, 

8 Ice Tsunami's can occur very fast whilst humans may be able to move out way crop and fertile farm land can not 

9 Glacier levels will be 14 feet thick very fast and grow over the centuries to follow 

10 Perma frost will freeze 4 feet down

11 We Share this information for you have some level of awareness. 

12 We do not mention all of the things that will occur when this starts. 

Major ones to consider

1 war 2 Grid down  3 Internet down 3 Electronic and navigation down 4 Famine 5 Sickness 

6 Self defense Security  7 Personal Mobility 8 Government stupidity to try and stay in power.. 

Things to do now

1 Immediately Buy Stanley A Meyer Training kits to make water fuels 

2 Invest in Self defense 

3 Find Safe haven on Equator or near volcanic  geo thermal areas

4 Dig into mountain and make crop systems and farm systems 

5 Move all farming to partial or full sub terranean or under water 

6 Move all power grid lines transformers to dep under ground more than 6 feet

7 Move major machinery center to warmer climates or under ground. 

8 Make a Globalization starter kits that can be used under ground 

9 Down load and put in hard copy all data from these websites so can

be accessed with out internet 

This is a Humanity Survival issue as well as a personal one. 

Prepare your mind for what is coming .

YOU NEED IQ EG and FQ learn what they are and use them all .

God Speed 

Daniel Donatelli


Secure Supplies 

These are warnings 
When it happens as I have described millions will stand stunned and streaming with there phones until it is too late to act like a frog in a slowly boiling water pot.
Except it is slowing freezing the things they need to survive
Food Heat Communication's Transport.
Your on your own very soon 
"Those who have ears let them Hear"
"Those who have Eyes let them See"
"Those who have ability to act let them take action" to Prepare. 

Your Next Steps


1 Order From Secure Supplies Power Plants and Heating

2 Order Equipment for Making Hydrogen and Oxygen Efficiently from normal water. To make fuel

3 Get your Bug out bag Ready and clothing.


4 Plan transport methods and escape or movement routes

5 Plan where and what lands or area you can go and be safe 

6 Prepare those places for your arrival 

Work hard focus be ready  GOD SPEED

When the Snow does not melt you know your
in trouble
As Food Stops very soon after 

Valuable Survival Resources
- WinterAgri from Kalsul ( Part of Secure Supplies Group) 
- Heating water with 12 volt From Hydrogen Hot Rodding
- Heat to Power
- Phase Change Heating  

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