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Heat to  Power 

Enjoy Many Hours of Free electricity from these new energy storage devices. Once energy is stored or converted you can move to clean power. Or draw direct heat. Daniel has created several very Unique Catalytic formula to allow exothermic results from H2 combustion

Processes to allow the Looping of Ammonia and H2 Gases achieving very HIGH C.O.P 6 :1


The Green Gas to Heat Technology is Manufactured by Secure Supplies and Integrated into some leading Heat Exchanges, Heat Cyclic engines as shown here and also Gas pressure run Steam CHP Rankle Cycle Turbines.

NEW 2021

Whilst we have used and had in stock these technologies for 5 years + now we finally have a mass production and some key multi discipline advances to share.


Which now makes them affordable. both in pcs or as kits.