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Stainless Steel
Gas Valves Fittings Regulators
Swaglok , Swag-lok ,OEM,
Oxygen, Nitrogen Hydrogen, Helium,Co2 ,Co2.

Gas VAlves Fittings.jpg

Secure Supplies has established with our machining partners a range of

Gas, Valves, controls, regulators and fittings to provide quality low cost alternatives to the emerging gas  energy and renewable energy industry.

Services Include

  1. 2d 3d Design

  2. CNC Machining of custom parts

  3. Pre Shipment assembly and testing. 

  4. Certification

  5. Metal content certification and testing

  6. Pressure Testing

  7. Leak Testing.

  8. Packing Export Delivery. 

  9. Installation Design 

  10. Installation Consultation.

Our Lower Price, means your Regulators ,Valves and fittings will equal a lower price for your end product.
And these lower prices will aid a lower price for your clients.