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Financing lease & rental options

for your energy storage & generator needs. 


Secure Leasing


Rent To Own

Short Term Rental

Secure Supplies Group offers flexible financing options for energy storage solutions and Solar Wind Back up Generators. Options for you include leasing, rental, rent-to-own and short term rental,

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Save costs and conserve capital – with financing solutions from Secure Supplies

The goal is to have the solution meet the individual requirements of your company – even looking beyond purely financial considerations and regardless of whether you need a single generator, several transformers, or an entire power gas production plant.

Our tailored financing plans – such as leasing, rental or rent-to-own – ensure that your company uses its capital optimally, and that your fleet remains up to date with the latest technology at the lowest possible cost.

Secure Supplies  is ready to get Started on your Power Plant Project Are you ?

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