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H2 Droneport 

Autonomous Drone Filling 

Secure Supplies is Investing and owning Drone Ports. 

Ground Station Hydrogen Production and Filler

Droneport fueling
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Ground Station Hydrogen Production and Filler

Model SSD-600

This Unit is Design for filling 1 to 5 kg Bottles for Drones it could be used on machinery farm equipment quite readily for say combustion engines running on H2 also. Mowers Tractors etc

600 Nl/h with 220 bar Output pressure

Hydrogen Generator:

  • production rate: up to 600 Nl/h

  • gaseous pressure hydrogen: up to 220 bar

  • liquid process: 1% KOH solution

  • type of water: ASTM Type II Grade

  • Input power : Photovoltaic/Grid -4700 W

  • Touch Screen 4.3"

                                                             Turn Key includes Shipping   Price USD $46,877

 The solution specifically designed to compress H2 gaseous. 
Produced gas from water is compressed by hydraulic cylinders up to the desired pressure. 
The gas pressure is from 10 to 20 bar and the outlet pressure is adjustable up to 250 bar. 

Filler system consists of:  
 Compression cylinders  Compression liquid tank  DC motor-pump for the compression liquid  Hydraulic line in AISI 316  PLC with 4.3" touch-screen for process management  Input and output connectors in imperial or meter sizes  MODBUS serial communication system 
The compression rate of the is 0.3 - 2 Nm3 / h in a single unit. 
Flow rates can be adjusted on customer specifications or can be connected to more units to have more compression capacity

 Autonomous Drone Filling 

Ground Pad Autonomous Drone Filling 

Secure Supplies has Developed Autonomous Drone Filling  of h2  Fueled Drones. 

We are taking Investment Proposals for this part of the technology. 

Those wanting to invest or offer grants to the Secure Supplies Fund Management and 

further release these solutions in the US$2.5 million per share ranges. 


Are welcome to open a discussion about subscribing to the Private Equity Fund


Daniel Donatelli Mb + 1 520 848 1659 

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