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H2 Drone Range Extender

Drone H2 Range Extender.jpg

Hydrogen Drones 

  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powering

  • Hydrogen Robots

  • Cars Boats Aircraft

  • Fuel Cell Power Kits 

  • Ground Station Hydrogen Drone Filler Units

We have Been working hard for many years to products autonomous h2 drone filling for Drone Ports. 

During the 1 st Quarter of 2019 we achieved this with several new aircraft designs. 

you will find on this pages the items we are permitted to offer at this time.


We do suggest you buy them as quickly and in as much quantity as you can as they are limited access and may be withdrawn from market. 


This has allowed us to be one of the only source for complete Drone fuel cell conversion kits and Ground Station filler units and compressors. ON this pages you will find those items We list only 1 drone we have several model but for simplicity you and see our main model we believe in Focusing on Vtol due to  carry weight range and speed.

The Secure Supplies SSD-100 is designed for professional use and specifically used for large areas flight mission.

Detailed and Turnkey Aerial Solutions with SSD-100

  • 100 MTOW in KG

  • 480 Endurance in Min

  • 20000 Payload in Gram 20 kg 

  • 5400 mm Wingspan in mm

  • Flight time of our UAV can be 1 to 6 hours.

  • This Drone can carry a variety of Payloads , Medicine Parcels 

  • Speakers Laser cameras IR, Video Repeater for GSM WIFI safety devices life buoys etc 

  • Food Water and can string rope or spool our wire or pilot lines or ropes for cabling etc.

  • A Immediate Use recommended is delivery medicine from hospitals or emergency support for crews or  call out doctors.

  • Mining can use these to do water sampling and pick up soil samples or test cores.

  • They can Ferry things out on farms or or large factories or mining sites, thing like tools can be sent faster. Oxygen Deliveries . 

  • Also Relay from Ship to Shore things like phone cards visa forms or  port forms etc.blood samples etc etc .

  • A Basic Drone with on battery only is                                       priced USD $5980 includes delivery 

Hydrogen Fueled Drone.jpg

VTOL Item specifics

Suitable to add the Hydrogen Fueled Fuel Cell kit to. 

  • Brand Name Secure Supplies Commercial Drones

  • Controllable Range:New Mugin 4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Live View Working Frequency: New   4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Configured For:digital cine cameras,Smartphones,mirrorless cameras,Action Video Cameras,Special Camera,Special Tools,DSLRs

  • Connectivity:Remote Control

  • Max Descent Speed:New Mugin 4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Foldable:No

  • Max Speed:New 4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Diagonal Wheelbase:New  4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Takeoff Weight:New  4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Drone Type:Quadcopter

  • Landing Gear Size:New  4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Max Ascent Speed:New  4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Model Number:New  4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Live View Distance:New  4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Max Transmission Distance:New  4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level:New  4720mm H-Tail VTOL UAV Platform Frame Kit

  • Hover Time:Above 30min

Product Description



  • Wing Area: 160.3 d㎡

  • Wingspan: 4720 mm

  • Length: 2450 mm

  • Maximum Takeoff Weight: 30kg

  • Flight time: 2-3 hours battery  16 hours with h2 ful cell and combustion options

  • Payload: 5-8 kg  3 modles at present   5 kg  12 kg 20 kg 

  • Lift Prop: 30 Inch

  • Thrust Prop: 23 Inch

  • 4* Lift Prop: 30 Inch 

  • 1* Thrust Prop: 23*9 Inch

  • 7* Servos

  • 4* 9025 Motor: XM9025HD-6 

  • 1* PCU80HV Governor

  • 1*DLE Engines DLE60

Hydrogen Drone Fuel Cell Kit 3.png
Hydrogen Drone Fuel Cell Kit 2.png
Hydrogen Drone Fuel Cell Kit 1.png

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kit 

Include Fuel Cell Tanks is Large 
 UAV Powertrain 

  • 1 Fuel-Cell 1800 Watt

  • 1 Electronic board control

  • 1 Carbon fiber tank, 7 liter capacity

  • 1 Pressure reducer

  • 2 purge valves

  • 2 Fans

Note it is possible to add more batteries and a invertor 

to make grid stable back up power.

                                                      Turn Key includes Shipping   Price USD $13,393,00


Secure Supplies SSD hydrogen fuel cell is an evolutionary product that is tailored-designed to enable commercial drone for long endurance.


This Fuel Cell solution , is  an environmentally friendly technology, will allow professional drones to flight from 2 hrs to 3.6 hrs depending on the payload and tanks size characters. 


Thus dramatically enhancing Air craft  commercial potential for applications like firefighting, agriculture, power line stringing and inspection, construction and precision mapping.


It is ideal for lifting heavy payloads drone, with a maximum carrying capacity of 5 kg and also can runs at a lower temperature than existing batteries.

Secure Supplies Fuel Cell System Structure

Fuel Cell has four main units. 

  • fuel reactor 

  • control system (including load balance and charger)

  • hydrogen tank

  • Li-po battery.

Fuel reactor consists of 60 graphite plates and four fans. Control system consists of  two solenoid valves,  low pressure sensor, radio and PCB. Hydrogen tank consists of cavity, air valve and high pressure sensor.

Li -Po Battery consists of chargers load balances and sensors to control smooth powering from fuel cell.

Features of our the Secure Supplies Solution 

1. Up to 5KG payload capability for various of payloads, such as LiDar, Canon 5D4, Red EPIC

2. Designed for a wide range of commercial drones, both fixed-wing and multi-rotors UAV

3. Up to 150mins endurance 

4. Strong adaptability in harsh environment

5. Environment friendly, pollution-free 

6. Up to 1000 hours lifespan 

7. Highly reliable structure and system

Powerful fail safe protection 

Provides RS232 communication interface that enables remote monitoring 

Power supply module provides low voltage and over current protection 

Temperature sensing alarm

(when the temperature reaches over 40 ℃ or below -10 ℃, the alarm will alert) 

Low-pressure hydrogen protection (<8Mpa) and high-pressure hydrogen protection (>37MPa)

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