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Data Center Power Electricity ZERO EMISSION
 Power Plants, Backup Power PUE Efficiency Emissions Electric Cost Saving.

Fueling with Hydrogen and Ammonia

Energy use is a central issue for data centers. Power draw ranges from a few kW for a rack of servers in a closet to several tens of MW for large facilities. Some facilities have power densities more than 100 times that of a typical office building For higher power density facilities, electricity costs are a dominant operating expense and account for over 10% of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of a data center.

Power costs for 2012 often exceeded the cost of the original capital investment. Greenpeace estimated worldwide data center power consumption for 2012 as about 382 billion kWh. Global data centers used roughly 416 TWh in 2016, nearly 40% more than the entire United Kingdom; USA DC consumption was 90 billion kWh.

Secure Supplies has focused on deeveloping and supplying this market since 2004.

Ourr Engine solution are both enabled with use of 100% green renewable fuels

and low cost fuels and blends. Ask us today about how we can evaluate and reduce

your Data Centre's Foot Print and Fueling operational costs.


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