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Hydrogen Safety Training Materials

Below are links to online training tools targeted to different audiences:

National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Emergency Response Training Resource

Featured Resource! The California Fuel Cell Partnership and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory collaborated to develop a national hydrogen safety training resource for emergency responders. The resource provides a single repository of credible and reliable information related to hydrogen and fuel cells that is current and accurate and eliminates duplicative efforts among various training programs. This approach will enable government and private training organizations nationwide to develop their own training programs with consistent hydrogen and fuel cells content and standards. See more information about using this resource.(link is external)


Introduction to Hydrogen Safety for First Responders(link is external)

DOE's Introduction to Hydrogen Safety for First Responders is a Web-based course that provides an "awareness level" overview of hydrogen for fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical personnel. This multimedia tutorial acquaints first responders with hydrogen, its basic properties, and how it compares to other familiar fuels; hydrogen use in fuel cells for transportation and stationary power; potential hazards; initial protective actions should a responder witness an incident; and supplemental resources including videos, supporting documents, and links relevant to hydrogen safety.


Hydrogen Safety Training for Researchers

Laboratory researchers and technical personnel handling hydrogen need basic information on pressure, cryogenics, flammability, asphyxiation, and other risks and precautions for using hydrogen. The objective of the Hydrogen Safety Training for Researchers interactive online course is to provide basic hydrogen safety training.


Introduction to Hydrogen for Code Officials(link is external)

The Introduction to Hydrogen for Code Officials online training course provides an overview of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, how these technologies are used in real-world applications, and the codes and standards required for permitting them. A short quiz is offered at the end of each module. In addition, the course features a Library section with supplementary information including publications, related links, and a glossary of terms used in the course.

Vehicle Emergency Response Guides


Gov First Responders Online Coarse Here


Honda FCX Clarity
  • Honda FCX Clarity(link is external)

Toyota Mirai

  • Mirai Documents(link is external)

  • Toyota Overall ERG

GM Equinox Fuel Cell
  • ERG

  • ER Quick Reference sheet

  • Hyundai Emergency Response Guide

AC Transit Bus
  • AC Transit Bus

ElDorado National – CA
  • ElDorado Fuel Cell Bus


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