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Capacitor Battery Graphene

Capacitor Battery Graphene, Secure Supplies has Replacement Tesla Battery and Hydrogen Product which have Graphene batteries incorporated into the designs.  


Graphene supercapacitor is a capacitor base enegy storage device with large power and high energy density. It is the safest technology and longest life products in energy storage products industry.

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Pictured above High Transfer Efficiency Between Ion Diaphragms

Graphene Supercapacitor Charing and Discharging Diagram


How to get higher energy density was always a pain point for supercapacitors(EDLCs). We used mixed Lion-ion electrolyte technology to increase the energy density of graphene supercapacitor up to 150Wh/Kg, which provides better energy storage solutions to replace traditional batteries.

Secure Supplies Applications

We use these technologies for energy storage and also to pre start hydrogen fuel making for our engines and gas turbines. 


Secure Supplies graphene supercapacitor battery has the advantages like ultra low ESR and large current which helped to realize fast charging and discharging. Full charged in 10 minutes is perfect for vehicles and machines to increase charging effeciency, such as the electric taxi, electric motorcycle, golf cart, forklift, tourist car, ferry boat and ect.

And the big discharging power performance can support .


All of Secure Suppliesproducts are quality guaranteed,we carry out strictly the quality manage sytsem ISO9001-2015 and GJB9001B-2009 (MIL) during production.


Make sure every products matching to customers demands.

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Improve working efficiency.

Secure Supplies super capacitor batteries have been gradually adopted by the power industry with their high-reliability discharge capability. Power automation applications represented by FTU have been applied and promoted by leading companies in many industries.


With the gradual deepening of the power industry’s awareness of super capacitor batteries, Secure Supplies super capacitor batteries DC power supply solution has become fully mature and also been tested in practical applications.


The main technical characteristics of Secure Supplies super capacitor batteries as DC power supply:

 Ultra-low internal resistance, high power density, strong output current capability, ensuring the reliability of opening and closing.


Long charging and discharging cycle life (50000 times), normal life span of 10 years.


Wide temperature working range from -30℃ to +60℃.


Short charging time, and the charging can be completed within a few minutes.

 Small size, light weight, easy installation, high reliability, maintenance free for long-term use.


The materials of Secure Supplies super capacitor batteries are safe, non-toxic, environment friendly and easy to recycle.


Suitable super capacitor battery modules can be customized according to customer requirements.

 extremely suitable for the use in electric power systems under extreme temperature differences.


Our Secure Supplies super capacitor batteries supply on and off-grid energy for all scales of applications due to being infinitely scalable batteries.  

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