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Generators and Power Plants 

Reliable Power. When and Where You Need It from New Green Fuels.

Secure Supplies customers need high performance and reliable power generating systems. 

Whether it's power for an airport, utility vehicles, data centers, oil rigs, mining or cell towers,

Secure Supplies has the solution.

As the only single-source Lean Gas Fuel Supplier of Lean as design engines using Hydrogen, Secure Supplies  is a leader also providing , LPG ,CNG Methane and Bio Gas engines ,generators, alternators, digital controls, Remote Monitoring ,

transfer switches and digital paralleling systems. 

If you would like to immediately cut costs & emissions on existing engines Please watch Videos.

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The explosive force of a fuel is measured by its specific energy. Specific energy is the amount of energy that is released when a unit of mass of fuel is exploded in the cylinder. Hydrogen has a specific energy of 120 MJ/kg, while diesel fuel has a specific energy of 43 MJ/kg. This means that hydrogen has about three times the explosive force of diesel fuel. Overall, hydrogen has a much greater explosive force than diesel fuel. As When using Hydrogen as a Fuel we do not use the BTU of the fuel but the explosive force.A gallon of water contains about 111 grams of hydrogen, while a gallon of diesel fuel contains about 11 grams of hydrogen. This means that water has about 10 times more hydrogen than diesel fuel.

So the performance of a Diesel engine converted to run on hydrogen force not heat can be 10 times ore performance due to using the explosive force of hydrogen rather than btu heat In a diesel engine converted to run on hydrogen could be 10 times more powerful than a diesel engine that runs on heat. This is because hydrogen has a much higher specific energy than diesel fuel. Specific energy is the amount of energy that is released when a unit of mass of fuel is burned. Hydrogen has a specific energy of 120 MJ/kg, while diesel fuel has a specific energy of 43 MJ/kg. This means that hydrogen has about three times the specific energy of diesel fuel.

there is a lot of potential for hydrogen as a fuel for transportation. Hydrogen is a clean, renewable energy source that has the potential to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. As the technology for hydrogen engines continues to improve, we can expect to see more and more hydrogen-powered vehicles on the road in the future. This joined with the new knowledge that we can suspend hydrogen with in the water itself as nano bubble water fuel mix means, 

Hydrogen has the potential to be a game-changer in the transportation sector as a clean, renewable, and high-performance fuel. Hydrogen-powered engines can have several advantages over traditional fossil fuel-powered engines, including lower emissions, higher energy efficiency, and better overall performance. #future #transportation #renewableenergy #renewableenergy #energy #water

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How to Order

1.  Make contact with Secure Supplies

2.  Complete Discussion and Needs Analysis 

3.  Receive Technical Offer and Price Offer

4   Issue Purchase Order

5   Payment

6   Your Engines are Delivered and installed.

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​ Standby Generator Current Pricing 

​ Prime Power Hydrogen Fueled Generator Current Pricing 

But Why do Secure Supplies Engines it work Better?

The Rotary Valve Hydrogen

Fueled Prime Power Range

Secure Supplies recommends Coates Rotary Valve Engines for our Project Design and Developments.

Coates Engines have Been Design in to Secure Supplies Copyright and proprietary S1 S2 S3 Energy Storage Design. 


Between the 2 Companies over 30 Years of work has been done to create power to gas control systems which fuel Coates Valve Technology reliably

We Trust Coates Engines to Supply Secure Back of all our Renewable Farm and Power Production Sites using Green Gaseous Fuels. 

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,
Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,
Stanley Meyer combustion-ratios-hydrogen-air-fuel-ratio-gaseous-liquid-gasoline-fuel - Cop
Stanley Meyer Adjusting the Burn Rate of Hydrogen by meter mixing noncombustible gases to
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Laminar Velocity Adjust ment of Hydrogen Fuel Mixtures with Nitrogen and NOX and Air CO -
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Are Fuel Cells better ?
No Actually the Operations and Maintenance is lower with Combustion and Since we now know about non Btu based h2 Fuels combustion is using
less H2 Per Hr.
Hydrogen Fueled Engines Ice Power pLants Vs H2 Electric Fuel Cellsss.jpg
Hydrogen Fueled Engines Ice Power pLants Vs H2 Electric Fuel Cells.jpg

Secure Supplies  gives you not only superior power, but superior control, usability and local utility paralleling with

Power and Gas along with  Cutting edge CHP Units 

Whether you need continuous, prime, peaking or standby power, co-generation or a complete turnkey power plant —

Secure Supplies  is ready to match the transfer and control technologies with your power needs.


With a power range up to 3000 kW (3750 kVA), Secure Supplies offers a full range of diesel generators designed for a broad range of applications and industries.


Depending on the fuel type, power rating and application, you need a generator set to fit very specific criteria. And that’s why Secure Supplies  gives you the tools, local specialists and the convenience of finding diesel generator sets based on real-world applications and specs.

To learn more about Secure Supplies Hydrogen generators, contact Secure Supplies Sales and Service Department.


Ordering is Straight forward simply contact Secure Supplies with your requirements.

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,
Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,
Microgrid backup systems power gas storage of energy
Microgrid backup systems power gas storage of energy

Secure Supplies  is ready to get Started on your Power Plant Project Are you ?

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