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PEM Electrolyzers Micro Class USA

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Secure Supplies provides you with 

a Needs Analysis and Design Development.


  • Gas Production Diagram Design

  • Flow Rate Design,

  • Water Purification Design

  • Pressure Design

  • Purification System Design 

  • Cooling system Design

  • Gas Drying Design 

  • Safety System Design 

  • Monitoring Design 

  • Operation and Maintenance Planning


To order your electrolyzers for your projects Please Contact 

Daniel Donatelli 


Secure Supplies 

Whatsapp + 66 83 6378 3443 

Hydrogen Producing PEM Electrolyzer Cells


We produce  make 99,9999% per H2 which can be

used in tanks or fuel cells or engines.

We have 2 Models 300 and 600 on these

These Cell will may Ultra pure

H2 for use in Health, fuel cells engines and storage systems ,
Hydrogen can be used to cut fuel costs and make power or pure cutting gas for gems jewelry and metal work.

​SSE-300 PEM Micro cell USD $600.00

SSE-600 PEM Micro cell USD $850.00

SSE-PS Power Supply USD $75.00


Payment Pay pal

Shipping is By Fed ex with Tracking number


H2 Flow Rate(ml/min) -300 /600 
Technology SPE/PEM(Proton Exchange Membrane)
Catalyst Coating


Chemical Precipitation Methode

Electrode Plate 100% Titanium 1 Metal(Anode 2mm thickness)

Micropore Plate 100% Micropore Titanium 1 plate

Outside Panel 316 Food Level stainless steel, 4mm thickness

H2 Output Pressure Atmospheric pressure from cell

H2 Output Purity Pure hydrogen gas with water

Water Requirement Ultra pure water, electric resistivity>

Water is recycle used. No need pump

Water Consumption 1g water to produce 22.4L H2

Cell Outside Diameter 70mm 136mm
I nside Membrane Diameter 60mm 100mm

Cell Current Density 0.53A/cm2 (at maximum flow rate)
Input Current 0--13A 0--40A, constant current

( proper set at 0--20A to protect cell)
Input Voltage 3V≤V<7V 

Single Membrane
Voltage <DC 2.5V

Whole cell voltage <DC 2.5V 
N.W 0.5kg/pcs 1.6kgs/pcs 2.3kgs/pcs 3.5kgs/pcs
Membrane QTY One Two Four
Membrane Shape Round
Membrane Structure In Series Structure
Membrane Brand Imported from USA, “Dupont” brand, N117
Cell Using Temperature 0----45 centigrade
H2 Port Size Inner Diameter: 3mm or customer designed

Please confirm if you can accept this product and number you need 
and I will work out total and send pay pal request etc by email


PEM Electrolyzer Product Pricing

SSE-300          PEM Micro cell                                                 USD $600.00

SSE-600          PEM Micro cell                                                 USD $850.00  

SSE-PS            Power Supply                                                  USD   $75.00

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 Due to the complex safety requirements and industry contractor partnerships which are required to implement Secure Supplies designs systems for you at affordable prices Ordering is Straight forward simply contact Secure Supplies with your requirements.

Secure Supplies  is ready to get Started on your Power Plant Project Are you ?

PLEASE Contact us now to 



We will Touch base on phone

and email shortly to Discuss a POWER PLANT PROPOSAL  .

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