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Generator Fuel Tanks

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600 Gallon Sub-Base Fuel Tank

Triton's sub-base diesel fuel tank has an integral steel dike intended to contain liquids from tank leak or rupture. The dike has integral protection on the top to prevent precipitation, debris or other elements from entering the diked area. Each closed top diked generator sub-base fuel tank is manufactured to comply with U.L 142 specifications.

  • 1 Year Warranty

  • U.L. 142 Listed

  • 600 Gallon Capacity

  • Weight (Pounds):

  • Wall Type: Double Wall

  • Tank Dimensions: Custom sizing available

  • Two 1/2" NPT engine supply and return dip tubes

  • One (1) 1/2" NPT basin drain fitting



Option: F.D.E.P. package includes seven (7) gallon fill / spill containment manhole, 90% high fuel level switch, leak detection switch set 1" above the containment area bottom. This option is required by the state of Florida and many other states and municipalities on tanks above 550 gallons - (SKU 888082). Please check with your local government agencies regarding the requirements.

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