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Generator Decommissioning and Removal Services

​Generator Decommissioning and Removal Services

If you are considering removal of your existing back-up power system, give us a call

at whatsapp + 66 83 647 3443 . 


When we purchase power generation equipment from clients we provide our customers with the following services throughout the continental United States Mexico Malaysia Indonesia Thailand RSA South Africa, Dubai Australia and India to name a few where we operate.

Secure Supplies specializes in removing large commercial and industrial generator sets ranging from 200 kW and above. 


We have also decommissioned power plants and multiple generators supplying up to 20 MW of power in one on-site system. For more details see below:

Decommissioning The definition of decommissioning is to withdraw from service.

There are many reasons that generators are decommissioned.  Some common circumstances listed below:

  • Standby Power Upgrade - Facility has expanded. It is more cost effective to use larger generators(s) than to add to existing system.

  • Facility Shutdown - Standby power not needed.

  • Technology Upgrade - Generator can be sized properly for power demands but, technology advancements allow for remote monitoring and ease of operation.

Standby or redundant power systems can consist of many components including automatic transfer switches, transformers, electrical wiring and fuel storage tanks.


Each component has associated State and Federal regulations. Our proven decommissioning processes adhere to all regulations using industry standard practices.

The skilled technicians at Secure Supplies  have removed generators from data centers, hospitals,  health care facilities, utility sites and telecommunication installations.


With over 30 years of decommissioning experience, we offer a seamless and prosperous solution to removing and purchasing your generator and associated components.

Your invited to contact Us.

Warm Regards

Daniel and Secure Supplies Team.

​Generator Decommissioning and Removal Services
​Generator Decommissioning and Removal Services

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