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Secure Gas Supply &  Delivery

With production and delivery facilities strategically located around the world, Secure Supply USA teams work daily to ensure quality gas supplies remain available to your business and delivered on time.  So whether you’re looking for a single cylinder or thousands of kg per day, Secure Supply USA  will deliver the gases you need, to the spec you need at the competitive price price you need.  

Our team believes there’s a lot to be said for secure safe & reliabile gas delivery as that is our daily mission.


Methods of Delivery 


                    Cylinders & Liquid Containers                             Bulk & Mini bulk Delivery


                     Pipeline from Mother Stations                                On-Site Production

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Supply and Distribution of Industrial Gases
Production & Delivery og Fuel Cell Grade Hydrogen ,Oxygen, Nitrogen and Other Gases

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,

Industrial Services

 Efficient mobile pipeline services both gaeous and liquid, provide cutting edge supply chian delivery with out over stocking. Our daily delivery services provide hydrogen,oxygen and nitrogen to industry. Typical hydrogen applications include, back up power refueling of fuel cells sites  and stationary power plants. Gas turbine cooling gas, cell tower fuel top ups. 

Nitrogen deliveries to companies handling cleaning, purging, drying, displacing, leak detection, hydrotesting ,, food and beverage packing and production inspection for piping

and storage tanks.

Bulk Green H2 delivery to retail HFCV dispenser forecourts

and medical / industrial grade Oxygen. 

Hydrogen Green H2 Fuel Cell Grade Pure  99.9999%  Bulk Whole Delivery 

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,
Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,
Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,

9 kg to 50 kg

250 bar to 900 bar

9 kg to 180 kg

250 bar to 900 bar

Bulk H2 200 kg to 500 kg 

250 bar to 500 bar

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,

Bulk H2 800 kg to 1500 kg 

250 bar to 500 bar

Oil & Gas Services

Our Gases can be used in enhanced oil recovery, energized fluid fracing, and well injection services. Work with us to optimize your oil and gas production. Secure Supply USA can provide  gaseous fueled power plants and the green gas fueling options to suit your location.

Oxygen Gaseous and Liquid Medical Grade 

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,

O2 Medical Grade Oxygen Retail Products

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,

Medical O2

9 kg to 50 kg

250 bar 

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,

Bulk O2 200 kg to 500 kg 

250 bar  

Bulk O2 800 kg to 1500 kg 


Gas for Cosmetics, Shampoos, Electronics Production along with  Pure Coatings Systems 

  Our homogenization & Pure coating gas is requested by a long list of industries, from aviation and automotive to glass and pulp & paper. See how we can help serve yours.

Nitrogen Gaseous and Liquid Pure  

Nitrogen is a key cryogenic agent in cooling, chilling and food freezing. It also plays an essential role in reducing spoilage, discoloration and off–flavors of baked goods, while giving strength to retail packaging.

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,
Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,
Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,

9 kg to 50 kg

250 bar  

9 kg to 50 kg

250 bar 

Bulk N2 200 kg to 500 kg 

250 bar to 500 bar

Power-Gas-Design-Engineering -Energy-Storage-Hydrogen,Airport,Sustainability,


Nitrogen  / Carbon Dioixde Use


Industrial Bakerys


Freezing & Chilling

In-line system crust freezes your baked goods prior to packaging to preserve the unique look and taste of your product. Cryogenic freezers feature ultra performance tunnels and spirals to reduce their footprint in your factory and are designed not only for maximum production but with enhanced sanitation features that make them easier and faster to clean.

Flour & Dough Cooling

Flour cooling is one of the most effective means of regulating dough temperature. Unique in-line flour cooling system that utilizes the precision of cryogenic cooling by adding carbon dioxide or nitrogen to flour or other dry ingredients as they are conveyed to the mixer.

CO2 Snowing

Removing heat with carbon dioxide snow is an economical, precise way to cool your baked products at any point in the production process. Snow dispensing devices are available in a wide range of sizes and types, and can stream CO2 snow from any orientation. Plus, the snow particles are much more consistent and uniform, delivering highly effective snow cooling.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Product returns or rejection due to staling or loss of original taste and quality can severely hamper your production. Extend the shelf life of your bakery and snack products to keep costs low and customer satisfaction high.

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