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Health & Medical Hydrogen Devices

Secure Supplies is active in Hospital Supply, Clinic Supply,

Ambulance Supply and Heath Safety check point supply.

Our products include

  • Modern Medical Oxygen Bottles and Regulators

  • Medical Oxygen Gas

  • Nitrox

  • Plasma Cutters

  • Hydrogen Oxygen Breathing equipment.

  • Nano Bubble Bathing and Teatment Equipment. 

  • Nano Bubble  drinking water with high ph with active h1

  • Nano Bubble Nitrogen Infusers for petri dish work. 

  • LED Light Treatment Devices. 

  • Staff and Client Sanitizatrion Doors and Entrance ways.

  • Gas Delivery and control systems valves regulators fittings. 

  • Sanitizer Fluids and bulk liquids

  • Colloidal Silver 

Medical Equipment Hydrogen Oxygen Secure Supplies.jpg
Sanitising Door Way Corona Covid 19 Sar

Sanitizer Doors Gates and Entrances,

Protecting your Staff and Clients, our flat pack Sanitizer Gates and Entrances set up in minutes and help reduce the congestion at doorways , and lower staff burden  of temp checking and risk assessment by your doors and entrances .  With automatic thermal camera and time saving spray cleaning of humans passing through on the way into your business or into work 


Hydrogen Breathing Machine.png

Hydrogen Breathing Gas Machines 

Protecting  Your Health 

Hydrogen Water Pitchers.png

Hydrogen Water Delivery Machines 

Protecting your Health

640 Nm Wave Length Machin 2.png
640 Nm Wave Length Machin.png

Red Led Treatment Devices 


 Secure Suppliies

Near Infrared Therapy Device Basic Introduction:

 this is a versatile therapy device that is extremely effective for the treatment of neuromuscular conditions such as neuropathy, muscle sprain/strains and f 5or the treatment of pain and inflammation.


There are no side effects with the use of infrared laser therapy.           The only precaution that should be taken is not shine the laser            pad into or near the eyes.


Near Infrared Therapy Device Treatment Principle

Nitric Oxide can promote dilation of blood vessels, keep blood vessels clean,prevent from stroke, keep normal Blood Pressure, and also it is an effective weapon for the immune system to cope with pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, tumor cells. This discovery won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1998.

Phray NIR device was developed according to this discovery, using particular wavelength near-infrared light source for treatment, these light can reach subcutaneous 5cm, stimulate the tissue to release lots of NO, therefore to dilate blood vessels, improve micro-circulation.


Reasonable configuration of special light source ensure the uniformity of illumination, multiple lighting modes ensure good absorption for many different treatment parts.

PLasma Surgery Unit Cutter Scalpel.png

Plasma Surgery Unit Cutters Scalpels

Coblation Plasma Surgery System Product Features:

 1. Bipolar or multi-polar cutting, low temperature ablation, resection, hemostasis and coagulation, minimally- invasive, safe and reliable way.

 2. Two ABLATION modes (including channeling, resection, hemostasis and ablation).

3. One PLACOAG mode (including hemostasis and coagulation).

4. Different types of probes available for options. The length, diameter, radian, energy level of probes are designed as per the requirements of different locations and diseases.

5. Multi-function probe designed for ablation, coagulation, hemostasis and resection. All functions are achieved at the same handle and in same output socket, thus no need to change probes frequently during surgery.

Plasma Surgery System Plasma Surgical DeviceRadio Frequency Plasma GeneratorENT Probe Probe Surgical InstrumentSpine Probe ENT Plasma Generator Ophthalmology Plasma Generator Electrical Surgical Unit BPH Surgery ProbeEye ProbeGyn Probe Coblation Plasma Surgery System balloon sinuplasty systemBalloon dilatation eustachian tuboplasty

Ordering fom Secure Supplies Aids bringing forward Green Technology.

Secure Supplies Product Advanatages



Compared with traditional surgical methods (such as: electric knife, laser), the current does not flow through the human body, the working surface temperature is only 40 ° C to 70 ° C, and the surrounding tissue is less thermally damaged. When used in the recommended energy range, the cutting and ablation depth is controlled to ≤50μm.

Minimally Invasive: 

Compared with traditional surgical methods (such as electric knife, laser), it has less heat, reduces tissue thermal damage, reduces wound healing time, reduces wound bleeding and scar formation


High Efficiency: 

Compared with traditional surgical methods (such as: electric knife, laser), the patient's pain during surgery is significantly reduced, and the incidence of postoperative inflammation is significantly reduced. During the surgery, the doctor stops bleeding while cutting, and does not need other hemostasis tools.

Nano Bubble Technology.png

Secure Supplies Nano Bubble Technology 

Imploding , Self-collapsing air microbubbles 40 nm to 100 nm, several very unique technologies are provided by Secure Supplies. 

Virus and Infection mitigation.

How do Correectly made Microbubbles kill virus behavior ?

The Surface of microbubble charged negative once formed . The virus is drawn to static electricity.

Then Microbubble bursts itself and generates a positive spikee of electrrons  aka lighting

and utrasound, free radical. These Free radical eelectrons oxydise viruses. 
(a)Generated frequency up to 40,000Hz. (b)Supersonic waves up to 150dB.

Applications Include.

  • Remediation of oil-contaminated sand

  • Cleaning of biologically fouled membranes

  • Petri dish infusion

  • Fuel Making 

  • Spa and hotel Therapy baths

  • Shrimp farming and aquaculture business.

  • Water disinfection

  • Emulsion, Rainwater, Vegitable plant, Desalination seawater.

  • Food cleaning, Freshness.

  • Organic solvent

  • O2, H2 server, Bath, Pet

  • Craude-oil water separation, oilfield produced water.

  • Infusion therapy, Catheter.

  • Oxygen promotion

  • Fermentation promotion

  • Environmental improvement, Breeding water, Treatment

  • Hydroponic culture, Growth promotion water, Green house mist

  • Fresh retention, Farming, Ice making

  • Soil coontanimation, waste water treatment, containing oxygen improvement, space deodorant

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