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Biomass Gas Power Plants

Sustainable Energy with Secure Supplies

Biogas is considered one of the most successful renewable energy sources. Secure Supplies  biogas systems produce “pure green electricity” using domestic energy sources such as biogases, derived from the fermentation process (anaerobic digestion) in natural biodegradable materials (wet or dry digestion);


from the bacterial decomposition process of organic material contained in landfills (LFG); or from the fermentation and incineration process of sewage sludge at wastewater treatment plants.

With the use of Secure Supplies  biogas units, customers save up to 70% in energy costs and reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 50%.

Secure Supplies CHPs adjust to your biogas composition

We adjust our system to your biogas composition by offering integrated, advanced gas treatment components.  

The inlet gas is first dehumidified by passing it through the dryer & cooler for dehumidification and afterwards moves into the carbon filter. It is then cooled initially with a passage through an advanced counter flow heat exchanger,

and an air-cooled liquid chiller that further reduces its temperature. A gas pre-heating system (thermal after-treatment technology) elevates the temperature to ideal combustion condition.

Biogas Secure Supplies filter systems are used to reduce the content of Hydrogen Sulfide in raw biogas. This provides a cleaner and less corrosive gas for engine combustion. Regenerated carbon filter systems also help to reduce certain Siloxane content.

  • Biogas Carbon Filter System to reduce H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) & VSC (Volatile Siloxane Compounds)

  • Biogas Dryer & Cooling Systems for dehumidification.

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Advantages of Biogas

  • Green Technology

  • Energy and cost saving

  • Renewable electricity generation in any weather

  • Use of locally available raw materials and waste

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