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Ammonia  Supply &  Delivery

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When I first entered the nitrogen supply business , my mission was to develop economical 

fixed nitrogen production methods for farmers to become more independent and stable.

To reduce the pressure on oil for shipping food ingredients and the Pinning of oil price

to farm nutrient inputs and  food productions.

My goal was to mitigate the costs involved with international shipping food supply

and ammonia supply to producers. 

Today we have achieved a lot towards that goal and continue to pursue deploying such solutions globally.  

And though our strategic partners we have achieved a portfolio of ready solutions for you.


Technology at a level to now offer Green Ammonia 

as a Product and Service.


  STEP 4

The Ammonia Reactor Skid


The general worldwide production of ammonia is based on natural gas as a feedstock.


These production facilities have high capacities and are located on various locations where natural gas is available.

Secure Supplies offer a modern technological capabilities which make it possible to move away from large scale plants and towards small-scale ammonia production Green Ammonia.


With this approach and technology Secure Supplies can provide customers with small scale ammonia plants, insuring customer’s independence on the transport cost and the NH3 price fluctuations.


As a feedstock natural gas, biogas or flare gas can be used. Herewith it is possible to produce ammonia from a waste product.


Small scale ammonia production

Secure Supplies  is able to design a small-scale ammonia plant with the Hydrogen Nitrogen Units .


As a feed stock for this ammonia production electricity produced from renewable sources (wind turbines, PV) can be used.


This new concept makes it possible to produce green decentralized ammonia which can be further used as:

  • Nitrogen carrier (fertilizer)

  • Hydrogen carrier

  • Energy storage

  • FUEL

As a basic design Secure Supplies offers three different capacities (see table).

Within the range of the capacities Secure Supplies  deals with the supply and demand of the energy market in order to produce decentralized ammonia.


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